Side Plank Rotation – How To, Proper Form & Benefits

Side Plank Rotation

Side Plank Rotation In the health and fitness world, there’s a lot of importance placed on having a strong core. No, I’m not talking about those click-bait ads about how you need to have six-pack abs. I’m talking about how your core plays a vital role in both your fitness journey and your everyday life. … Read more

30 Day Plank Challenge For Beginners

Plank Challenge For Beginners

Think about the last time you did something for thirty days straight (other than sleep, eat, and go to the bathroom). For many people, this is a tough question to answer. So for fitness challenges, it is easy to see how, for some, they are exactly that, a challenge. Designed to help push and motivate … Read more

16 Different Types of Planks To Jumpstart Your Core

Types of Planks

What is a Plank Exercise Most people think plank exercises just focus on your core, but they also engage the upper and lower body using over twenty muscles in your shoulders, arms, back, legs, glutes, and abdominals. As a calisthenic exercise, the plank is the starting point for various bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, burpees, … Read more

Plank Crunch: 5 Steps To This Effective Core Exercise

Plank Crunch

No matter your exercise preferences, everyone who knows and truly understands fitness understands the importance of keeping the core healthy. This includes your abs, obliques, and back muscles to be strong in the middle, where the center of your strength is located. Some diehards swear by the plank to keep this area fit, while others … Read more

Spiderman Plank Crunch: An Explosive Core Exercise

Spiderman Plank

What Is The Spiderman Plank? The Spiderman plank is one of the hardest and most effective exercises you can do. The spiderman plank is a progression movement from a normal prone position plank. Therefore, it is more advanced than a normal prone plank. If you’re looking for a new challenge to take your fitness routine … Read more

Side Plank Crunch: The Ultimate Ab Workout

Side Plank Crunch

The side plank crunch is a challenging workout that should be added to your core routine. It will help you tone your abs and build muscle definition. In this article, we will discuss the benefits, muscles worked and variations of the side plank crunch as well as how to properly execute the side planks crunches … Read more

30 Day Abs Squat Challenge

30 Day Abs & Squat Challenge

30 Day Abs & Squat Challenge If you’re active on social media, then there’s a good chance that you have seen various 30 day fitness challenges circulating. From the 30-day plank challenge to the 30-day squat challenge to the 30-day pushup challenge, there’s plenty of options for anyone looking for a way to level up … Read more

10 Of The Best Side Plank Variations

Side Plank Variations

Side Plank Variations Welcome to the world of abs workouts. You may not be glad you’re here right now, but I promise you will be. Working out the core muscles is essential for your workout regimen. A strong core stabilizes your body, which allows you to move in any direction and it helps you maintain … Read more

How To Do Epic Medicine Ball V Ups

Medicine Ball V Up

Medicine Ball V Ups Rock hard abs… who hasn’t dreamed of them? We all know dreaming of them is much easier than having and maintaining them! But a strong core doesn’t just look good, it’s also very beneficial for your health. So if you’ve been planning on skipping out on those abs exercises – it’s … Read more

Planks vs Crunches – Which Is Best For Your Core?

Planks vs Crunches

Planks vs Crunches We all workout for various reasons. Your why may differ from the next person you ask. Some people workout to achieve certain aesthetic goals, some people work out for their mental health, and some just want to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. You may be into a specific sport and work towards … Read more