Swimming is a great form of exercise that is healthy for young and old alike!

Looking for information on how to start swimming or swimming workouts?

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How to Swim with Paddles

How To Swim With Paddles

If you’re new to swimming as a workout or you’re looking to change up your swimming routine, there are all kinds of different training aids to spice things up and target different areas. From  fins to kickboards, these tools have different practical purposes in improving your form, speed, and strength in the pool. The same … Read more

35 Swimming Puns & Funny Jokes

Swimming Puns

Whether you’re a beginning swimmer, a competitive swimmer, or simply someone who likes to hang out by the pool in the summer, there are ample opportunities to weave in some amazing swimming puns into your conversations and social media posts.  Puns are the ultimate icebreakers. They’re silly. They’re fun, and they get people laughing even … Read more

How to Use Fins For Swimming Laps

How To Use Fins

How To Use Fins When people picture someone swimming with fins, their minds typically think about someone in a wetsuit, getting ready to scuba dive or go snorkeling. They’re heading into the water from the beach or flipping into the water out of a boat. But, in reality, swimmers use fins in all sorts of … Read more

9 Swim Workouts For Beginners

Swim Workouts For Beginners

Swim Workouts For Beginners If you’re like me, you know the amazing health benefits of swimming on your body, but you just haven’t dedicated yourself to incorporating it into your workout routine. For me, swimming was something I did as a child to escape the midday heat of the summer. I played “Marco Polo” with … Read more

Swimming in the Winter – 11 Great Health Benefits

Swimming In The Winter

Swimming In The Winter When people think about swimming, they often think about cooling off in the sweltering summer heat. They might even associate swimming with the beach, pool parties, or summer workouts. What most people don’t think about when they imagine swimming is winter. Just because swimming isn’t the first thing that comes to … Read more

How To Breathe When Swimming Freestyle

How To Breathe When Swimming

When swimming freestyle, you might find it hard to breathe and scary to try. Swimming as a sport requires you to train your body and be able to breathe at all times. When you are swimming, you will move your body to the side, freestyle, and even go through drills where your face is spending … Read more

Swimming A Mile A Day: 7 Practical Steps To Losing Weight

Swimming A Mile A Day

Swimming a Mile a Day Everywhere you look, there are all kinds of fads and trends guaranteeing that you will lose weight. Meal replacements, carb-free diets, and pre-made frozen meals are some of the many get-fit quick remedies that are out there right now.  The truth of the matter is… there really isn’t a “get-fit … Read more

How Much Swimming Is Too Much? – 4 Best Ways To Know

How Much Swimming Is Too Much

How Much Swimming Is Too Much? Swimming is one of the healthiest activities you can do to enhance your physical and mental strength. Lap swimming can help you to tone your muscles, burn fat, and become an overall happier person. Aside from that, the activity can train you to survive if you ever experience an … Read more