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How Cold Is Too Cold To Walk & Cold Weather Safety Tips

How Cold Is Too Cold To Walk

As the days get shorter and the temperature drops, there are some factors to consider if you are an outside walker, and you need to know when it is too cold to walk, even if it is something you do just on the weekends. Below are the signs that the weather is getting close to … Read more

100 Running Puns That Will Have You Bent Over

Running Puns

Being able to make a joke about the gait keepers is easy with running puns. Being able to run into some material that makes your preferred cardio easier. Whether you run marathons, trails or both, there is a running pun or two here just for you. They make a lifestyle easier to manage and allow … Read more

100 Walking Puns To Help Laugh It Up

Walking Puns

Walking Fall Puns Sometimes it is easy to fall right past puns while walking. These walking puns are not always easy to stumble upon.  🙂 1. I hiked a trail up to a falling waterfall.  2. When walking on the trail, I stumbled upon animal tracks. 3. Don’t come walking if you aren’t ready for … Read more

50 Bike Puns That Are Wheelie Funny And Terrible

Bike Puns

Bike Puns Because biking is a popular and fun sport, there are plenty of bike puns you can take advantage of when hanging with your biking friends. They help to make the sport light and give everyone an opportunity to enter the conversation. Keep a few of these puns on hand to enjoy when you … Read more

8 Best Rowers Under 1000 Dollars

Best Rowers Under 1000

This is your year to get in your best workout! If you are new to rowing or have some background in it, you need to know that it will work you from top to bottom. The more intensity and sweat you build, the better your fitness level and overall health will be. If you are … Read more

EZ Curl Bar Weight, Benefits and Exercises

EZ Curl Bar Weight

Wanting to strengthen your biceps and triceps with a bar that is easy on your shoulders and wrists? Then you should try using an EZ curl bar. If you’ve ever seen an EZ bar, you may wonder why it is bent the way it is? Why is it shorter than a standard barbell? And what … Read more

Pushups In the Morning: 4 Big Benefits

Pushups In The Morning

If you are an early riser or someone who likes to start their day targeting the upper body, pushups in the morning might be the right thing for you. Whether you are incorporating them into a morning routine, or just want to use this exercise as the way to start, pushups are something that many … Read more

10 Best Daypacks for Hiking and Travel

Best Daypacks for Hiking and Travel

Best Daypacks for Hiking and Travel When you are traveling or spending a day out on the open trail, you need the right daypack to carry your essentials so that you have everything you need. This daypack does not need to be oversized, just large enough to carry the essentials and get you back to … Read more

5 Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes Under $500

Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes Under $500

Trying to find a fitness program that will help you with your goals, target your lower body area, and promote a successful cardiovascular workout each time you sit down? Recumbent exercise bikes are easy to use at home because you can work out while reading, watching television, and continue to find gains in your lower … Read more

How To Breathe When Swimming Freestyle

How To Breathe When Swimming

When swimming freestyle, you might find it hard to breathe and scary to try. Swimming as a sport requires you to train your body and be able to breathe at all times. When you are swimming, you will move your body to the side, freestyle, and even go through drills where your face is spending … Read more