How To Do Epic Medicine Ball V Ups

Medicine Ball V Ups

Rock hard abs… who hasn’t dreamed of them? We all know dreaming of them is much easier than having and maintaining them! But a strong core doesn’t just look good, it’s also very beneficial for your health. So if you’ve been planning on skipping out on those abs exercises – it’s time to think again.

According to J. Christopher Mendler, M.D., a sports medicine specialist: “A strong core keeps your torso in a more stable position whenever you move, whether you’re playing sports or just doing chores.” Besides boosting your balance, working the abs can help you beat back pain, improve your posture, control inflammation and improve your overall quality of life.

Now that you’re back on board the abs train, it’s time to add some killer core exercises to your workout plan. Insert the Medicine Ball V Up. They are just as challenging as they sound! But who doesn’t love a challenge?

How To Do A Medicine Ball V Up?

Medicine Ball V Up
In order to do a medicine ball v up, you need to know the basics. Here’s how to perform the exercise:

  1. Get a medicine ball and lie down on your back
  2. Hold the medicine ball over your head with your arms and legs stretched out
  3. Move your torso and legs up simultaneously in order to touch the ball to your feet
  4. Slowly lower back down towards the floor
  5. Repeat for desired number of reps

Muscles Worked By Medicine Ball V Up

While doing the med ball v up primarily works the core, you’ll definitely be engaging other muscles. Don’t be surprised if your obliques, hip flexors, shoulders, quads and inner thighs begin to feel sore from this killer core exercise.

Is The Medicine Ball V Up Effective?

If crunches have become a piece of cake for you, then medicine ball v ups are the perfect addition to challenge your core. The exercise is very effective when performed correctly.

Medicine Ball V Up Benefits

Adding the med ball v up to your workout regimen will have more benefits than strengthening the core. Other benefits of v ups include leg strength, core strength and back strength.

Medicine Ball V Up Variations

Below are different variations of v ups that you can try out if using the medicine ball isn’t quite in your wheelhouse yet, or if you’re wanting more of a challenge.

  • V Ups without the Medicine Ball – the same technique as the medicine ball v up, except you’ll ditch the weight and just do body weight.
  • Alternating Leg V Ups – In this variation, you alternate raising one leg at a time.
  • Hovering Legs: You’ll start lying on your back and lift your feet about 6 inches off the floor. Raise the legs around 45 degrees and your torso to touch your toes. Lower your upper body back down and the legs to the hovering position. This version will challenge your balance and core strength.

Medicine Ball V Up Alternatives

Interested in adding some other core exercises into your exercise plan? Here are a few med ball v up alternatives:


Med ball v ups are a great core exercise if your normal crunches or planks aren’t challenging you any longer.  Your core along with the hip flexors, shoulders, quads and inner thighs will all end up getting worked. One great thing about med ball v ups is there are plenty of variations as well as alternate exercises you can do if you aren’t quite able to perform them now.  So, what are you waiting for? Give medicine ball v ups a try in your core workout!

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