10 Best Daypacks for Hiking and Travel

Best Daypacks for Hiking and Travel

Best Daypacks for Hiking and Travel When you are traveling or spending a day out on the open trail, you need the right daypack to carry your essentials so that you have everything you need. This daypack does not need to be oversized, just large enough to carry the essentials and get you back to … Read more

Average Hiking Speed And 4 Reasons It’s Important

Average Hiking Speed

Did you know that over 44 million people go hiking each year? With its amazing benefits and relative affordability, it’s no wonder it is so popular! One of the big draws for hiking is that it offers so much variety. Every hike is unique. Some hikes are straight up a mountainside while some are flat … Read more

Out And Back Trail – What Is It?

Out And Back Trail

Hiking is a great outdoor activity that works wonders for both your mental and physical health. Whether you are searching for something to bring you peace and better connect with the great outdoors or you want to find a new and fun activity to incorporate into your cross training for fitness, hiking an out and … Read more

Hiking For Beginners On A Budget – 7 Pointers

Hiking For Beginners On A Budget

Hiking for Beginners on a Budget There’s not much that compares with the beauty and solace of being outdoors and getting in tune with nature. For many people, outdoor adventures have become their way to unwind from all the stresses and worries that everyday life can bring about. If you’re searching for a way to … Read more

Hiking vs Running – Which is Better For You?

Hiking vs Running

Hiking vs Running Hiking vs running, which one is better for you? Oh, the great debate! Each is the perfect solution for getting outdoors and adding some extra fun to your usual workout regimen. But are there more benefits to running than hiking? Or vice versa? The answer is pretty tricky. In my opinion, alternating … Read more