Side Plank Crunch: The Ultimate Ab Workout

The side plank crunch is a challenging workout that should be added to your core routine. It will help you tone your abs and build muscle definition. In this article, we will discuss the benefits, muscles worked and variations of the side plank crunch as well as how to properly execute the side planks crunches for maximum results!

How To Do a Side Plank Crunch

  1. Lie on your right side, resting on your forearm, with your feet stacked.
  2. While on your forearm, raise your hips. Your body should be a straight line from your head to toes. This will help you maintain balance through the exercise.
  3. Bend your left knee up to meet your left elbow, while engaging your core.
  4. Return to the starting position and complete 20 reps.

While doing these, make sure you are taking your time and focusing on the muscles being worked. Keeping good form and taking your time will ensure maximum muscle burn.

Signs You Are Doing It Wrong

– Sinking hips

– Moving through the repetitions too quickly. Slow down and concentrate on engaging your core.

– Your body should be in a straight line while performing this exercise. If you are leaning too far in either direction, it is time to stop and reset.

Side Plank Crunch Benefits & Muscles Worked

Side Plank Crunch

Side plank crunches help work a variety of muscles including core, obliques (love handles), arms, back and glutes.

Benefits include:

  • Strengthens your core and obliques, along with developing side plank strength.
  • Works multiple muscle groups at once (core, arms, back & glutes).
  • Improves balance, which is useful for activities like walking up stairs or getting out of bed.


By changing how you position your body or by holding something, you can make the exercise easier or harder. Below are a few examples or each.


Try doing the move with your bottom knee on the ground.  This will make it easier for those who don’t yet have the core strength to hold their body up while doing the crunch.


Doing side plank crunches on a Swiss ball will target your core differently, as well as make balancing more challenging. Try for ten to fifteen reps per side and rest if needed before repeating the second side of crunches.

For a more intense version, do the plank while balanced on your hand. This will give your side plank a less stable base and make the side crunch a little harder.

Try holding a dumbbell in your free hand while doing the crunch! You can also put a band around both feet to add additional resistance when raising your knee. These will definitely make the exercise a little harder..

How Often Should I Do Side Plank Crunches?

Do side plank crunches as many times a week as you can for best results. Try adding in a quick session at the end of every workout – even if it is not a core workout. Try doing 20 repetitions on each side for 3-4 sets. If that’s too much for your current strength level, drop it down a bit.


Side plank crunches are a great core workout that specifically target your oblique muscles. They also workout your back, shoulder, arm and your glutes. Some signs that you are doing them wrong include letting your hips sink, moving too quickly through the repetitions, and your body not staying in a straight line.

Some variations you can try include doing the exercise with one knee on the ground. This will make it easier if you have little core strength. To make the plank more challenging, try doing the exercise on a stability ball or holding a dumbbell in one hand. You can also put a band around your feet to increase the resistance.

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