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Can Weak Glutes Cause Lower Back Pain?

Can Weak Glutes Cause Lower Back Pain

Depending on your age and level of health, it is likely that you have experienced back pains of some sort in your life, and for many, this has occurred more than once.  While there can be obvious reasons for the uncomfortable state, one of the questions that people may search for an answer to is, … Read more

Can Biking Help With Running? 8 Definitive Ways It Can

Can Biking Help With Running

Can Biking Help With Running Both biking and running are great outdoor (primarily) cardiovascular aerobic activities that you can do at various speeds, distances, and intensities. As both types of athletes are constantly looking to improve their strength, endurance, and overall fitness levels, there are various ways in which biking can help improve one’s running.  … Read more

Spin Bike vs Stationary Bike: 4 Big Differences?

Spin Bike vs Stationary Bike

When people head to the gym, they will notice that there are usually two of four commonly used exercise bikes available for use. The spin bike and the upright stationary bike (the others being a recumbent bike and an air/fan bike). Each bike provides users with its own unique fitness advantages. Still, it is important … Read more

Electric Bikes vs Regular Bikes – Discover The Differences

Electric Bikes vs Regular Bikes

Electric Bikes vs Regular Bikes As with many things these days that involve technology, bikes have seen a significant change since the first bike, designed by German Karl Von Drais, hit the road in 1817. From a vehicle with no pedals, a wooden frame and leather-covered tires mounted on iron rims and wooden wheels, the … Read more

How Cycling Shoes Should Fit

How Cycling Shoes Should Fit

Whether it is a pair of Jimmy Choo’s, Jordan’s, hiking boots, or cycling shoes, the fit is equally important, if not more, as the name brand and the look. When trying to figure out how cycling shoes should fit, you will probably have several questions. Of course, you want to enjoy wearing your new biking … Read more

Best Way To Listen To Music While Running

Best Way To Listen To Music While Running

Best Way To Listen To Music While Running Getting outside, enjoying nature and all of its sounds is peace of mind for some. For others, they enjoy taking tunes with them wherever they go. For runners, this is no different. Some want to immerse themselves into the task at hand, being in tune with themselves … Read more

How Long Do Bike Tires Last? – 6 Wear Signs To Watch For

How Long Do Bike Tires Last? Bike tires, like shoes, car tires, bus passes, and skateboards (you name it) have a certain life expectancy before they become a safety hazard. Think of it this way, the soles of your shoes wear out, as do your car tires. Your bus pass expires and your skateboard or … Read more

12 Hip Thrust Alternatives For Powerful Glutes

Hip Thrust Alternatives

Hip Thrust Alternatives Hip thrusts are among one of the most popular exercises to help build size and strength in your glutes. Done with or without resistance, this exercise that targets the posterior chain, focusing mainly on the three gluteal muscles, plus the hamstrings, quads, hip adductors, and core helps to improve not only strength … Read more

Glute Bridge vs Hip Thrust – 5 Little-Known Differences

glute bridge vs hip thrust

Glute Bridge vs Hip Thrust Kim Kardashian, Channing Tatum, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Evans. Not only are these celebrities known for their various pieces of work, but they are also well known for their shapely, perky butts (booty, rump, tush, derriere, buttocks). Let’s face it, everyone wants a nice tight rump, but other than for aesthetics, … Read more