Can Weak Glutes Cause Lower Back Pain?

Can Weak Glutes Cause Lower Back Pain

Depending on your age and level of health, it is likely that you have experienced back pains of some sort in your life, and for many, this has occurred more than once.  While there can be obvious reasons for the uncomfortable state, one of the questions that people may search for an answer to is, … Read more

12 Hip Thrust Alternatives For Powerful Glutes

Hip Thrust Alternatives

Hip Thrust Alternatives Hip thrusts are among one of the most popular exercises to help build size and strength in your glutes. Done with or without resistance, this exercise that targets the posterior chain, focusing mainly on the three gluteal muscles, plus the hamstrings, quads, hip adductors, and core helps to improve not only strength … Read more

10 Glute Bridge Alternatives For A Strong Butt

Glute Bridge Alternatives

Glute bridges are one of the biggest go-to exercises to strengthen your glutes and hamstrings. If it’s a leg day, there’s a pretty high chance that this exercise will be in your workout. They’re low impact, and they don’t require any fancy equipment, but still incredibly effective! However, no matter how much you love this … Read more

Glute Bridge vs Hip Thrust – 5 Little-Known Differences

glute bridge vs hip thrust

Glute Bridge vs Hip Thrust Kim Kardashian, Channing Tatum, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Evans. Not only are these celebrities known for their various pieces of work, but they are also well known for their shapely, perky butts (booty, rump, tush, derriere, buttocks). Let’s face it, everyone wants a nice tight rump, but other than for aesthetics, … Read more

21 EZ Curl Bar Exercises: Upper & Lower Body

curl bar exercises

EZ Curl Bar Exercises If you are new to the gym, you still may be familiar with the words dumbbells and straight bar, but you may wonder what the funny-looking zig-zag-shaped bar is used for. Even for those who are relatively experienced in the gym, using an EZ curl bar might be something new. Adding … Read more

EZ Curl Bar Squats: 5 Explosive Squat Exercises

EZ Curl Bar Squats

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, squats are one of the oldest functional movements in human nature. Sometimes we just don’t realize it. Think about how often in a day you sit down and get up. On the couch, dining table, work desk, and even the toilet, humans perform a squatting movement multiple times every day. … Read more

4 Best Exercise Machines for Lower Back Pain

Best Exercise Machines for Lower Back Pain

RELATED: 7 Best Ellipticals Under $1000, 7 Best Curved Treadmills for Sale, 6 Best Treadmills Under $2000, 12 Best Treadmills Under $1000, 5 Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes, 7 Best Upright Exercise Bikes Best Exercise Machines for Lower Back Pain Lower back pain is one of the most common types of pain experienced by adults. A … Read more

Boot Camp Arm Workout – 11 Effective Exercises

Boot Camp Arm Workout

Boot Camp Arm Workout Are you looking to tone up your arms for summer or hoping to build up your strength for a sport you enjoy playing, or just wanting to become healthier for daily activities? Improving your arm and shoulder strength is important to help you look and feel confident and able to perform … Read more

8 Best Rowers Under 1000 Dollars

Best Rowers Under 1000

This is your year to get in your best workout! If you are new to rowing or have some background in it, you need to know that it will work you from top to bottom. The more intensity and sweat you build, the better your fitness level and overall health will be. If you are … Read more