100 Running Puns That Will Have You Bent Over

Being able to make a joke about the gait keepers is easy with running puns. Being able to run into some material that makes your preferred cardio easier. Whether you run marathons, trails or both, there is a running pun or two here just for you.

They make a lifestyle easier to manage and allow you to share this part of your life. At first rush, you will find 100 running puns to help you take a load off and relax once the trot has set in. 

Running Puns For Everyone

1. When Alice forgets what she is supposed to remember, she heads out for a run to jog her memory. 

2. The cross-continent run ended at the Finnish line. 

3. When they asked where the warm-up was during active tours, the soldiers said Iran. 

4. She went on a sprint to the bank because she needed to find her 5K. 

5. Becky wanted to choose a marathon when she was fast, so she registered for one during Lent. 

6. The construction engineer was ready to take on the race because he had been using drills. 

7. After his fall, Bill called for a lawyer because he had a torn knee. 

8. In order to get away from the cops, the serial killer took the psycho path through the park. 

9. Karen didn’t make it to the end of the race. She said her sole wasn’t in it. 

10. You can’t add a cheetah to the 5K because it is a human race. 

11. I’ve got a gait feeling that I may win today. 

12. Last year’s runner-up didn’t make it to the marathon because he was running late. 

13. On the ride back from the track meet, the sprinters are always the first fast asleep. 

14. I didn’t want to sign up for the quick sprint because I do better in the long run. 

15. Jim always has a running joke with Kevin, but today it seemed to have run away. 

16. She’s always running around for errands and daily routines, just like her mom. I guess it runs in her genes. 

17. Going for the same council position, the running mates met each other on the track. 

18. He knew if he kept the pace, he would win the race with a guarantee!

19. It surprised Susan she finished all of her errands on her lunch break despite feeling bad. It appears her cold made her extra runny.

20. They eliminated the train conductor from the race because he constantly switched tracks. 

21. Bob kept the gait steady as he strolled through the gate right on time. 

22. Why did the race officials remove the pen and paper from the table? Because they are stationary, of course!

23. Anna stopped drinking apple juice before her cardio workout. Turns out it gives her the runs. 

24. The jogger took off around the baseball diamond to stretch his legs and get a home run. 

25. The runner fell behind because of a slow start, so they had to lap it up and keep going at the end. 

Funny Running Puns

Running Puns

26. If you are planning to move faster and hustle with your errands, you need to be in sprint condition. 

27. The jogger got halfway down the trail, realized it was full of wildlife, and had to turn around. Looks like he had a lapse in judgment. 

28. Sarah avoids eating out before practice, so she can fast. 

29. Being quick and fast with cell service is important to track starts. That is why they chose Sprint. 

30. After the election showed two close candidates, they had to stay close to home despite there being a runoff. 

31. She used to go running with her dog. After he passed, she did the next 5K as a mourning run. 

32. The couple that runs together will create little runners, or at least that’s what she meant by a “run” in the oven on the pregnancy announcement. 

33. She was going to sign up for the Christmas race again, but after winning she said she’s been there and ran that. 

34. It’s all run and games until you are qualifying for the state race. 

35. As Trish crossed over the finish line, she yelled, another run bites the dust. 

36. Aliyah jumped the run when she signed up for the 10K instead of the 5K. She regretted that decision about 6K into the race. 

37. He was so tired after the race that he fell on the grass like a run of bricks is there waiting at the end. 

38. When I asked Sal how she planned to make it through the annual 10K, all she said was she had a running plan. 

39. Bill was being secretive about his training plan. He said he needed to keep it “under laps”. 

40. Do you know what a runner’s favorite scent is? Sprinty clean & fresh. 

41. I saw him pacing the last couple of days and warming up on the stairs. I had to know if he had a race up his sleeve. 

42. I knew Kayla was confident in her abilities. When I asked how she thought she would do, she simply replied that it was an open and shut race. 

43. There were some questions about who placed in the top five after the race. When the officials made their decision, they deemed the race closed. 

44. He is a loud singer when he wins, and how he bolts out in songs about “Amazing Race”. 

45. While some competitors wanted to offer a small talk, in the beginning, Amanda told them to cut to the race. 

46. I didn’t see Ellen in the last two community races. When I reached out, she said she needed a change of race. 

47. In order to get his head in the game, he needs a personal race with himself. 

48. He boosted up the track team and told them to be all they ran be when they get out there. 

49. The country race has been growing in popularity and putting it on the lap for others nearby to come and join. 

50. Devil’s path is a hard jogging trail. Some call it the route of all evil because you lose your sole after that run. 

More Running Puns

Running Puns

51. Darren is an adrenaline junky, always taking on the forbidden routes no matter where he runs. 

52. As an avid runner, Sam wanted to pursue creating her own routes after a week at route camp for the cross-country team. 

53. I ran so hard coming home I stride my eyes out.

54. When the doors opened, it was a dash out, like the start of a marathon race. 

55. Bickering and drama started about halfway through the race with some runners. They stopped short, however, when they were being cheered on to keep the pace. 

56. I wasn’t happy with the time results, but I am at pace with it. 

57. Realizing he wasn’t the fastest out on the track, he had to trot back down to earth and gain some humility. 

58. He insulted my running shoes, so I told him to trot in hell. 

59. The bickering got worse until he slung an insult below the bolt. 

60. The running couple did everything fast, including their wedding, as she was a rushing bride through the whole ceremony. 

61. I saw the money bonus as rush money, so I put some pep in my step. 

62. Coming down the trail, I lost my balance and was thrown for a lope. 

63. Weightlifting didn’t sound appealing since all I relay wanted to do was take a jog. 

64. Bill enjoys the races out by the marsh. You can hear him saying he’s going to stride and go on to heaven. 

65. If you aren’t sure how fast need to go, let your legs be your stride and they will set the pace. 

66. Just because you run at the same races doesn’t mean you need to break tread with them every day. 

67. The trail intimidated Sally, but I told her not to knock it before she strides it. 

68. Alex has made a lot of running purchases lately. He said he’s now in the tread. 

69. Meredith wanted to start her shenanigans with Casey, but I told her to tread lightly. 

70. Jane and I were “sole blisters” after the race. 

71. Finding the right regiments for training is “mile and error” until you get it right. 

72. Every time I hit the pavement or the gravel trails, I know it is worth my mile. 

73. I’ve got to catch a chase this weekend, or bored I will be. 

74. She wanted a race, so I told her we could meet any time of the day, any chase she wanted, and anywhere she preferred. 

75. We plan to do the big walk as we take on the “Golden gait” bridge tomorrow afternoon. 

Even More Running Puns

Running Puns

76. If you want to beat your current mile time, you need to come and gait it. 

77. How often do I run? Gait days every week. 

78. What is a runner’s favorite movie? Track to the future I, II, and III. 

79. I run every chance I can. I never miss a track if I can help it. 

80. What is a runner’s favorite music genre? Death medal all day. 

81. Winning a race is great, and it comes with capital pains besides the gains. 

82. I plan to run that race regardless, come pain or shine. 

83. I did small laps in the plane, so now I have jet leg. 

84. When I hit my rhythm on the path, I am smooth trailing. 

85. Despite its strenuous nature, I lived to tell the trail to my other running buddies. 

86. I didn’t take advantage of my last stop on the 5K and now I am not a “happy cramper”. 

87. Running behind the two happy couples, I felt like a fifth heel. 

88. If you aren’t sure about your injury, keep in mind that no pain, no sprain. 

89. I feel a bit foot out after hearing the changes made to the race event. 

90. When the lineup changed, I felt a twist of feet come my way. 

91. As the temperature rose, Becky could smell the “feet wave” coming on. 

92. I enjoyed the race. It was short and feet for my liking. 

93. I left the race famished, so I muscled up some grub. 

94. As long as you have your banana beforehand, the race isn’t calf bad. 

95. When you aren’t sure how it will end, make ends feet until you finish. 

96. The way Greg runs when the race starts, he’s all over the chase. 

97. The best advice she gave to the newbies was to give it all they gait. 

98. Donny usually comes in the top three and things he’s the big chase at these meets. 

99. Dashes to dashes, run to run, show me a meet where I am number one. 

100. No matter what you are working with, keep your mind steady and lope for best results.

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