50 Bike Puns That Are Wheelie Funny And Terrible

Bike Puns

Because biking is a popular and fun sport, there are plenty of bike puns you can take advantage of when hanging with your biking friends. They help to make the sport light and give everyone an opportunity to enter the conversation.

Keep a few of these puns on hand to enjoy when you are on biking breaks. Use them as ice breakers with other cyclists you encounter on your journeys. Some are witty, some are humorous, but they all provide an opportunity for conversation with fellow bikers.

Below are bike puns that focus on wheels, different bike parts and even some that have a little of a mature tone to share between friends. 

Bike Puns – Wheels

Bike Puns

1. You might get wheelie tired of riding your bike all day after a long trail.

2. Grab your friends, bike to the beach and have a wheelie good time. 

3. The difference between a bike and a unicycle isn’t wheelie that much. 

4. I needed to submit a complaint about my bike tire. They forwarded me to their spokesperson.

5. Biking has made a wheel difference in my fitness goals with each turn.

6. After changing my last bike tire, it hit a rock and did a blowout. I guess it wanted to retire.

7. The wheels on my bike would not turn. They were two-tired to keep going. 

8. My wheel-less bike has lasted forever. It never gets tired. 

9. I sometimes fall straight to sleep after a biking trail because I am wheelie tired. 

10. My bike was missing an important part of the wheel. When I complained at the shop, they introduced me to their spokesman.

11. I lost my bike down a hill on the trail and that was wheelie sad for me. 

Fun Spelling Bike Puns

Bike Puns

12. I avoid bike riding at night. The trails are full of cyclepaths. 

13. My sister unenrolled from college after finding out that her major is psychology and not “cycle-ology.”

14. After a horrendous biking accident, my friend lost his eye and is now known as the cycle-ops. 

15. I added a few flowers to my bike, giving it some extra petals. 

16. I avoid taking my bike on haunted trails. The suspense-ion is too much for me. 

17. If your biking habit takes over, it is time to schedule an appointment with a cycle-ologist.

Bike Puns Including Parts

Bike Puns

18. Take a brake after a long bike ride. 

19. Somebody tried to buy my bike today and ask how low I will go. I replied one mile per hour, or you will tip over. 

20. Do you know what the hardest thing is about riding your bike? It’s the road.

21. My bike shop asked me who I thought should be their company marketer. I told them the spokesperson.

22. I am addicted to bike riding multiple times a day; it is time to break the cycle. 

23. What mustache do most bikers sport when riding? The handlebar mustache, of course. 

24. If your bike stops working shortly after leaving the shop, it’s because the owner spoke too soon. 

25. The chain on my bike keeps breaking like a recurring cycle. 

26. My bike made a beeline for the trash bin and crashed. I guess it wanted to be recycled.

27. Bike air pumps are getting expensive with the rising inflation. 

28. I purchased a recumbent bike last week, but I don’t seem to be going anywhere. 

29. I got hurt and needed to have my bike replaced, so I spoke up right away. 

30. I decided it was time to transition my routine. I wanted to shift my exercise into a different gear. 

31. I bike through a field of wildflowers regularly, so I can get a daisy chain. 

32. My new handlebars are missing something. I need to get a grip. 

33. What is the difference between a lawyer on a bike ride and an accountant? Their at-tire. 

34. First, it was the spokes and then the pedals. My bike breaking down was a chain reaction. 

35. The battle between me and my bike is resulting in a vicious cycle

36. I needed to change up my biking game, so I ordered an electric bike. I did not have to spend time thinking about the environment around me since it will take charge. 

37. What do an introvert and a unicycle have in common? They can’t handlebars. 

38. It was my turn to take off the trash, and I rode my bike. Heading back made me tired, so I had to recycle all the way home.

39. My friend is a gymnast and has sworn off biking again. She discovered she lost her balance. 

40. I felt my chain twist on my bike, so I slowed my peddling. I didn’t want it to brake. 

41. The bike with no tires ended up working well for my friend. That is probably because it wasn’t tired. 

42. My cross-country time has improved significantly since last week. I believe it is because I’ve been in a different gear. 

43. My handlebars are making me angry when I ride. I really need to get a grip. 

44. My friend’s bike is two tired and keeps falling over after each ride. 

45. Young bikers do not know how to brake and take sharp corners on two wheels. 

A Little Less PG and More M Biking Puns

Bike Puns

46. I always make sure my seat is secured. I’ve had too many dreams on my bike where I rectum and lost the seat.

47. Before I buy a bike, I give it a test and check out the skid marks. 

48. My friend got angry when we stopped on the trail. He kept going because he is a cycle-path. 

49. What do bikers and inmates have in common? They are behind bars. 

50. My wife must really enjoy biking, she goes through her cycle regularly. 

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