100 Walking Puns To Help Laugh It Up

Walking Fall Puns

Sometimes it is easy to fall right past puns while walking. These walking puns are not always easy to stumble upon.  🙂

1. I hiked a trail up to a falling waterfall. 

2. When walking on the trail, I stumbled upon animal tracks.

3. Don’t come walking if you aren’t ready for quick steps. 

4. My heart rate is what I am “walking” about. 

5. Being punished for jogging, they sent her to walking school. 

6. I stopped at the crossroad because there was wildlife walking. 

7. She adds to her step goal when sleepwalking. 

8. In order to stay heart healthy, soldiers practiced strategic walking during the war.

9. Try to keep up if you think I am “walking” about you. 

10. She went out for a walk with her canine. 

11. He did not walk on the right side because of his two left feet. 

12. My car was having trouble running with the engine walking. 

13. Nothing beats a knock like walking on wood. 

14. She lost her place and wanted to catch up with a walking book. 

15. I heard high steps, then low steps before asking who was walking at my door. 

16. After walking four miles a day at 62, my grandpa is now 77 and we don’t know where he is. 

17. She began walking with no shoes and lived bare like a bear. 

18. When Jill is trying to walk on the rural road and cars do not get over for her, she experiences road rage. 

19. Too many days working in the Emergency Room leaves her with scrambled legs the next morning. 

20. Before she could take a stumble on the bridge, the swift feet kept her moving. 

21. Her nickname is Achilles because she always ices her heel after a walk. 

22. While out exploring the beaches in Mexico, my friend would not stop talking, so I told them to take a walk. 

23. I tried a new cocktail and felt a little funny after, like they “laced” it with something. 

24. It looked like they were headed out on foot to the venue since there wasn’t an Uber in sight. 

25. After sprinting through the mall for last-minute gifts, you would think she was a track star. 

26. Jack kept dragging me along the path. I asked him, “Do you, Everest?”

27. Walking across the scenic trail, I got to see Nick, my friend.

28. After walking in circles, my sister tossed a map at me and walked off. I guess I know where I stand. 

29. I needed to get this walk out in the park today and I was going to do it, come Hill or high water. 

30. There is a public walking trail in the park, but it comes up to the local asylum. We know it as the psycho “path”. 

31. Melissa’s story about the mountain was too much. I couldn’t get over it!

32. I see Father Benson out every day for his morning walk. He is known as the Roaming Catholic. 

33. She wanted to do charitable work with her walks, so she marched with Healing Feet. 

34. When I asked the man walking his dog if that was a Brittany Spaniel, he said, no, that they belonged to him. 

35. I left a message in the sand and walked in Morse code. 

36. When Sarah strolled along the path, she saw a snake and came to a halt with her anti-walk braking system. 

37. She wanted to get to stepping on her taxes, so she took an “H&R walk”. 

38. A new neighbor joined the walking group today as the “new kid on the walk”. 

39. In order to get his creative juices going after being stumped, he went on a writer’s walk. 

40. After three days, it felt like “Walking D.C.” instead of Washington D.C.

41. After walking several marathons, she was a chip off the old walk with our group. 

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Taking a Walking Pun in The Park

Walking Puns

There are some walking puns around those who stomp the park and spend their time walking around. 

42. When creating your favorite track in the park, locate your walking points.

43. When Ben only had enough time to either lift or cardio, he was stuck between a walk and a hard place. 

44. When the car ran out of gas four miles from the state line, they knew it would be a long walk to freedom. 

45. The walking trail got unexpectedly rocky, so she started rolling toes instead of Rolling Stones. 

46. After being exhausted from the race, they were Team Out Of Breath, instead of Team Out of Florida.

47. With the other competitors racing up behind her, she walked like the wind before she ran. 

48. Sue wanted to consider running cross-country, but the coach said she needed to walk off her training feet first. 

49. After finishing a 5k, she had been there and walked that. 

50. After they drop the kids off at school, the moving mamas get together for a daily walk. 

51. When I choose my walks, I like backcountry trails because they are not as mainstream. 

52. Walking for hours on end in the park, she left a trail behind her. 

53. She said she walked and hiked regularly like a great trail runner. Instead, she was trailing behind the rest of us. 

54. Sometimes Susie just walks for no reason at all. That is because she is a “walker without cause”. 

55. Walking to the waterfall was fun, but our friend fell and it was all downhill from there. 

56. He had a lot of questions about my routines and walk preferences so I tried to summit up for him. 

57. Trying to beat my recent mile time, I got lost in pace. 

58. Headed to her mom’s, she took it one heel at a time. 

59. Announced as the winner, she took the loss in stride on her next walk. 

Show and Movie Walking Puns

Walking Puns

Things you watch can be great motivators for walking – and walking puns

60. The baby rose up, turned, and took a step. Now look who’s walking. 

61. Steer clear of traffic in the park when you avoid The Walking. 

62. Luke walked to the local comic conference in his cosplay attire, showing up as Luke Roadwalker. 

63. With all the energy she used to have, instead of feeling restless, she felt young and breathless. 

64. In order to boost her cardio each week, she had to cut loose and be Footloose when walking.

65. Every time I feel down and sad, I put on my Happy Feet and head out for a walk. 

66. The drama at the Walking Hill race was too much. I couldn’t get over it. 

67. He is up before the sun is and when it goes down, trying to get his steps. I think he was Born to Walk. 

68. The dirt was warming up from the hot day during my walk. I had to step into the creek because my Feet on Fire needed a break. 

69. If you are trying to find brotherly love in the city, It’s Always Walking in Philadelphia. 

70. When everyone met on the lawn for the morning walk, it was time to Stomp the Yard and head out. 

71. When I looked around the corner, I saw Christopher Walken up behind me. 

72. When the runners passed, she went to walking Fast and Furious. 

73. Tony could walk as fast as some skateboarders, earning the name Tony Walk. 

74. Mrs. Smith gathered all the ladies from the block for a Walk Party. 

75. Mr. Freeman walks everywhere, every day. I guess it’s a Hard Walk Life for him. 

76. When practicing self-defense, power walkers are taught the walk and tackle. 

77. That team is on a mission as Delta Force: Black Walk Down. 

78. With all the weight he lost, he resembled a modern Mark Walkberg. 

79, She set everyone on edge coming through like the Walk Ness Monster. 

80. She made a dash to Walking Bear trail to be first in line. 

81. He was obnoxious when he won, dubbing himself King of the Walk.  

82. When she took off on her own, she was Walking Bad. 

Singing and Walking Puns

Walking Puns

While out on your walks, you may find a fun walking pun or two for your favorite strolls. 

83. The new walking club was leading in competition, earning the title Red Hot Chili Steppers. 

84. She wanted to make a point to the bullies, so she decided to Walk a Little.

85. He wanted to start a club for those who enjoyed cardio, naming it “Walkingtown.”

86. She couldn’t run but she could Walk, Walk, Baby. 

87. They all meet up at the park because Girls Just Wanna Walk Long. 

88. With the group dressed alike, it was a Purple Walk. 

89. After debating on entering the race, he said, Just Walk It. 

90. No one wanted a different routine, so it was just Another Brick in the Walk.

91. She did not want to commit to a team, she Wants to Walk Free. 

92. What did one walk team say to the other? We Will Walk You! 

93. I just want to Walk With You.

94. He can just Walk That Way. 

95. He stopped coming, so I asked, Where Did Your Walk Go?

96. With the finish line approaching, she said, This Is the End of the Walk. 

97. She is always walking on the riverfront. She is living in a Walker’s Paradise. 

98. Even with the rain, My Walk Will Go On. 

99. Bill went his way and I another because I Walk It That Way. 

100. All I want to do is Walk Around. 

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