35 Swimming Puns & Funny Jokes

Whether you’re a beginning swimmer, a competitive swimmer, or simply someone who likes to hang out by the pool in the summer, there are ample opportunities to weave in some amazing swimming puns into your conversations and social media posts. 

Puns are the ultimate icebreakers. They’re silly. They’re fun, and they get people laughing even if it is at the corniness of the pun! 

If you’re planning to start incorporating swimming as a part of your workout routine, swim competitively, or planning to head somewhere with a body of water, you will definitely benefit from having a few of these swimming puns in your backpocket!

Swimming Puns for the Beach

Swimming Puns

Now, if you are at the beach with friends or family, there’s a sea of puns just waiting to be utilized. 

1. Seas the day.

I mean, do I even need to say more? This pun is perfect just the way it is! 

2. Tropic like it’s hot.

Snoop Dogg would definitely be proud of this swimming pun.

3. Happy as a clam.

This pun doesn’t have to necessarily be used exclusively at the beach, but it does fit in perfectly with the nautical theme. 

4. Tis the sea-son. 

Maybe someone just shared how hot it is as you’re sitting in your beach chair, soaking up the son. This is the perfect response to get a good laugh! 

5. I prefer to swim in saltwater since I am allergic to pepper.

Get it? What a great zinger to bring out as you’re heading down to the beach for a swim! 

6. Keep palm and carry on.

This pun originates from the WWII flyers of “Keep Calm and Carry On” with a tropical twist

7. Let’s shell-abrate our time together.

Coming to the beach with family or friends for a special occasion? You’ve got to use this one! 

8. Water you sinking aboat? 

Boy, this pun is so cheesy, I can just picture it being used as a dad joke!

Picture your friend sitting in the chair next to you as they’re staring out to the Ocean and you whip out this pun. It’ll be a great one, for sure!  

Swimming Puns for the Pool

Swimming Puns

Whether you find yourself at the pool swimming laps or lounging around with friends, there are some swimming puns that are simply perfect for any pool setting.

So, next time you’re at the pool, before you dive in or as you’re approaching the pool, here are some knee-slapping puns to share with others! 

9. This pool is swim-pressive.

Get it? Instead of impressive, it’s swim-pressive! You can use this one for anything! The pool…someone’s swimming…you name it! 

10. Pools never laugh at mean jokes because they’re not a fan of dry humor. 

Boy, I love a good joke when dry humor is involved! 

11. It is the swim-ple joys of life that matter. 

This pun is in the pool category, but you can really make it reach much farther than that! It’s really swim-ple to do! 

12. Pool hair, don’t care

Instead of crazy hair, don’t care, we all know that pool hair is just as bad! 

13. A swim coach and a dentist would make for an excellent pair because they both use drills.

This pun is perfect for people on a swim team who need a good chuckle between training! 

Everyday Life Swimming Puns

Swimming Puns

For our next set of swimming puns, we’ve got some amazing ones that you can simply incorporate into your everyday life.

Maybe you aren’t physically at the pool or ocean, but you might be talking with someone who shares an affinity for swimming and would appreciate a little humor with a swimming pun every now and then! 

14. Let’s dive in.

Say you’ve been on your break at work and you’re discussing swimming with your coworkers. Once the break is over, you can always hit them with a “well, it’s time to dive back in.” Any variation will work and still get the pun across. 

15. They’re going off the deep end.

Is a friend acting a little crazy or making an out of character suggestion? This is a great swimming pun for that! 

16. Whatever floats your boat.

Essentially, if you want to let someone know that you don’t care about their decision, this is perfect.

17. Pool our resources.

Maybe you and some friends are trying to save up for a trip to the beach or to your local water park, you can always pool your resources!

18. Dive deeper into this topic

Instead of just diving in, you can always dive deeper! 

19. It’ll be a splashing good time.

Anything can be a splashing good time when you make some swimming puns! 

Swimming Puns for Social Media Posts

With Instagram and other social media outlets, you can post an image or video with a caption.

A lot of times, people use their captions to encapsulate the moment pictured. Some encapsulate the moment through inspirational quotes while others share a special detail of their days.

Other people, however, will utilize their captions to enlighten their followers with some amazingly creative puns and wordplay! Here are some puns that you could use if you’re posting a video or image of you swimming, no matter where you may be.

20. This vacation is going swimmingly.

Swimmingly is an easily applicable pun, and you should definitely try it out for your posts, especially if you are posting a picture of you in a pool! 

21. We’ll all float on alright. 

I love it when people reference music with their posts, and this nod to Modest Mouse is a great pun that does just that! 

22. Having a splashing good time.

Picture your children running through a splash pad or you and your significant other splashing each other in the pool. Both scenarios would be perfect for this punny caption! 

23. Going off the deep end if I have to leave this place.

A lot of times, people will make references to never leaving their vacations in social media posts, and this is a great variation of that with a swimming pun thrown into the mix.

24. I have a sinking feeling this is going to be a great time.

I mean, this one is just too good! You can use it to caption any picture or video whether it’s of your suitcase rolling through the airport or a compilation of you in the pool. 

25. Too pool for school.

Another great play on words! Maybe you’re at a school swim meet or you are dipping your toes in the water for the inaugural summer swim, this would be the perfect caption! 

26. Vitamin Sea

Getting your daily dose of vitamin sea is always important, especially if you are doing a post about swimming in the ocean! 

27. Best fins forever

Have a picture of you and your friends snorkeling or swimming with your fins? Say no more than this caption! 

28. Having a fintastic time

Another fintastic pun about swimming with fins

29. Keep calm and carry on swimming.

This is a similar reference to the WWII posters, but with a more swimming-focused feel! 

Swimming Jokes with Puns

Swimming Puns

For the final stretch in our 35 swimming puns, I’ve compiled some of the funniest swimming jokes that include puns! You never know when the moment will rise when a good joke will come in handy, and now you’ll be prepared with these! 

30. Where do zombies like to swim? The Dead Sea 

This joke is another play on words with a body of water! 

31. Which is the best swimming stroke? It deep-ends.

Puns like these are almost at a dad joke level! You could use this one anytime you’re at the pool! 

32. What exercise is important for swimming? Pool-ups

Another competitive swimming joke that is sure to be a crowd pleaser! 

33. A guy knocked on the door today asking for donations for the local swimming pool. So, I gave him a glass of water.

This joke is another amazing dad joke that you’ve got to keep stored for perfect pool days! 

34. My friends and I enjoy traveling to swimming together. We car pool.

Need I say more about this one?!

35. What is a sheep’s favorite stroke? A baaaaaaaaackstroke. 

For our final swimming pun, this joke has it all! Who doesn’t love a swimming pun with animals incorporated?

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