100 Rock Climbing Puns – That Won’t Leave You Hanging

Everybody loves a great pun. From biking to walking or even swimming, you can always find a perfect time to throw your friends and family off with a stunning one-liner!

Rock climbing puns are no different! In fact, they may be even more important!

Rock climbing is an intense activity that requires a great deal of knowledge, skill set, and focus. It’s very technical, so it’s important that you have someone handy to break the tension and bring some fun!

Putting some rock climbing puns in your back pocket for your next climbing adventure will bring some much needed comedic relief.

Rock Climbing Puns

Rock Climbing Puns

To start off our list of rock climbing puns, we’ve got all things climbing and geology!

These are perfect for people who are just starting in their rock climbing journey and want to try incorporating some new climbing lingo in a punny way! 

1. This climb rocked!

2. Let’s rock and try not to roll.

3. You need to be boulder to free solo

4. Rock climbing as exercise has taken my body to new heights! 

5. Don’t make a rockery of me!

6. Climb and punishment

 7. Crag you through the mud.

8. I read a book about rock climbing. It was a real cliffhanger.

9. I need to be a bit boulder on my next big climb

10. Don’t sweat the small bluff.

11. Follow that terrain of thought.

12. Diamond in the bluff.

13. Right as terrain.

14. The climb minister

15. I’m really lichen rock climbing.

16. Bob the Boulder. Can he climb it?

17. See those rocks? Don’t take ’em all for granite.

18. This adventure is being served on the rocks.

19. Love at first height.

20. Don’t crimp my style.

21. Looks like you’re in a pinch up there.

22. Chossy my climb? 

23. Wad do you want to do when we get to the top? 

24. This climb crux.

25. I’m abseil-utely done!

26. That move was dyno-mite!

Gear Puns

Rock Climbing Puns

Rock climbing requires a decent amount of gear!

From special shoes to belaying devices, there are all kinds of hilarious rock climbing puns that incorporate the equipment you’ll need to climb. 

27. Let’s harness some energy.

28. To get to the top, we’ll have to harness some strength.

29. Hip hip, belay!

30. Happy belay-ted birthday! 

31. Hurry up! Don’t belay-te!

32. A climber’s favorite movie is Pirates of the Carabiners.

33. Crimping ain’t easy.

34. The climbing shoes are crimping my toes.

35. I got roped into climbing today.

36. Can I crash at your pad tonight?

37. If we want to make it to the top, we’ve got to kick it in gear.

38. Let’s gear up for our next big adventure!

39. We’re ready for an action-packed adventure.

40. They made the boots for hiking.

41. Let’s not chalk about it.

42. Can we chalk about this amazing view? 

Mountain Puns

Rock Climbing Puns

43. A little more altitude, a little less attitude.

44. Mountains aren’t just funny. They’re hill-areas.

45. Take a peak.

46. Let’s play hide and go peak.

47. It peaks for itself.

48. Actions peak louder than words

49. To summit all up

50. How do mountains hear? Thanks to mountaineers!

51. May the forest be with you!

52. Peak a boo! 

53. Mountains really peak my interest.

54. My friend said mountain climbing would be fun. I’m inclined to agree.

55. Mount me in!

56. Mount your blessings.

57. Action-peaked adventure! 

58. You’re still climbing? Do you Everest? 

59. Keep your eyes on the rise

60. You need to change your altitude.

61. Netflix and chill? More like Trail-mix and Hill.

62. Most gorge-ous view I’ve ever seen!

63. Come hill or high water, we’re making it to the top of this mountain! 

64. Don’t get your slopes up.

65. I like big buttes and I cannot lie!

Being in Nature Puns

Rock Climbing Puns

Most rock climbing also takes place in the great outdoors.

If you and your buddies are heading to an outside area to climb, then these puns would be perfect! 

66. Are you oak-ay? Yeah, I’m pine!

67. Wood you like to go hiking with me? 

68. I fernly beleaf my puns are high qualitree

69. Last bud not least

70. Let’s make like a tree and leaf!

71. Getting to the top of the mountain was such a re-leaf.

72. This view is unbe-leaf-able!

73. These are my buds!

74. You grow, girl!

75. This view is blossom!

76. I’m at a moss for words.

77. I need some alone pine.

Hiking Puns

Often, people will have to hike to their rock climbing destination. Here are some puns for your journey ahead..

78. I would never leaf a hiker behind.

79. Go on a glacier hike?! Norway you’ll get me to do that.

80. Three hikes and you’re out.

81. We should go hiking forest of our life.

82. Hiking can be a pine in the butt sometimes.

83. I could bear-ly finish this hike

84. Plateaus are the highest form of flattery. 

Camping Puns

Rock Climbing Puns

If you’re staying the night in the great outdoors, you could use these camping puns during your rock climbing adventure.

85. Relax! You’re too tents.

86. Me and campfires are the perfect match! 

87. The s’more the merrier.

88. Wood you please start the fire? 

89. Camping is great because it’s tree. 

90. Chip on your smolder.

91. Axe and you shall receive!

Punny Jokes

For our last section of rock climbing puns, we’ve got some punny jokes! Maybe you are looking for a little more than a sneaky one-liner…?

These are the ultimate rock climbing puns for you and your dad-joke style.

92. Where did the boulder go to learn its arithmetic? The School of Hard Rocks. 

93. The Himalayas aren’t the best mountains, but they’re definitely up there.

94. When one mountain looked at the other, it said nice to peak you.

95. I would love climbing to the peak of Mount Everest, but I do not see the point.

96. Jake wanted to rock climb but quit when learning how to descend with ropes. He found the idea rappel-ent

97. Why did Ceaser go on a hike? Because he wanted to Rome.

98. How do you know what the weather is like at the top of a mountain? You climate. 

 99. What do you call a rock climbing pirate? Pirates of the Carabiners.

100. Do you know the worst part about books on rock climbing? Too many cliffhangers.

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