Swimming is a great form of exercise that is healthy for young and old alike!

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7 Disadvantages Of Swimming To Know About

Disadvantages Of Swimming

Disadvantages of Swimming When I think about swimming as a workout, my mind immediately goes to all the amazing benefits it has on my body. It’s light on my joints, but challenging enough to get my heart pumping. It’s a full-body workout that is inclusive of all ages and fitness levels. There are just so … Read more

Go Swimming Everyday And 20 Crazy Things Can Happen

Swimming Everyday

Swimming Everyday It’s important to be active and healthy. More than likely, if you’re reading this article now, it’s because these things are values you possess as well. There are so many ways to achieve optimal fitness and health. You can eat right, you can eliminate screen time, and you can work out. And even … Read more

10 Sure Ways How To Increase Swimming Endurance

How To Increase Swimming Endurance

How To Increase Swimming Endurance It’s human nature to want to better ourselves. This includes everything from work to your social life to fitness and so on. Complacency isn’t a bad thing, but neither is always striving for your highest potential. There are some things that you’ll eventually reach your “peak performance” on, but your … Read more

Why Does Swimming Make You Tired? Here’s 6 Reasons Why

Why Does Swimming Make You Tired

Swimming is an amazing workout! It has a long list of benefits that range from physique to health and everything in between. It’s this miracle workout that not only works your body, but is also gentle enough on your joints that makes it great for anyone. As a college athlete myself, I’ve encountered a wide … Read more

5 Best Swim Workouts for Runners

Swim Workouts For Runners

Doing the same workout day in and out can get old quick. It’s so important to include a variety of exercises into your regimen so that you don’t get burned out. In addition, adding variety to your workout plan will help you increase your strength and stamina more than you may realize. If you’re a … Read more

3 Excellent Swim Workouts for Weight Loss

Swim Workouts for Weight Loss

No matter the time of day or time of year, swimming is a great way to stay in shape! You don’t have to be a professional or competitive swimmer to achieve a swimmer’s physique! All you need is a place to swim, some motivating workouts, and a good serving of dedication, and you can achieve … Read more

When Is The Best Time To Go Swimming?

When Is The Best Time To Go Swimming

When is the Best Time to Go Swimming? Are you working long and hard to get a swimmer’s body? Think long, lean, sculpted muscles… insert mental image of Michael Phelps. Now you know what I’m talking about! But in all seriousness, swimming is a great way to work your muscles and get your heart rate … Read more

What Muscles Are Used In Swimming?

What Muscles Are Used In Swimming

What Muscles Are Used in Swimming? When you think about exercising, how often is it that swimming comes to mind? Think Michael Phelps, Luca Dotto, Katie Ledecky, Simone Manuel… who doesn’t want a swimmer’s body? Before hitting the pool and diving in head first (pun intended), become acquainted with what muscles are used in swimming … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Swim A Mile?

How Long Does It Take To Swim A Mile

How Long Does It Take To Swim A Mile? The average swimmer can swim a mile in a pool in around 25-27 minutes. Typically, we think of a mile in terms of running. Running a mile can take around 10 minutes, and you’re done! Well, swimming is different. The record for the fastest 1500 meter … Read more

How Many Swimming Laps Is a Mile?

How Many Swimming Laps is a Mile

How Many Swimming Laps is a Mile? Whether you want to swim because you want that ideal swimmer’s body, you want to get in a good workout with less stress on your joints, or you are an aspiring mermaid, it is the perfect form of exercise with countless benefits. From improved physique and stronger, leaner … Read more