Are you new to road or mountain biking? Wondering what to expect and how it fits into a healthy lifestyle?

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5 Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes Under $500

Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes Under $500

Trying to find a fitness program that will help you with your goals, target your lower body area, and promote a successful cardiovascular workout each time you sit down? Recumbent exercise bikes are easy to use at home because you can work out while reading, watching television, and continue to find gains in your lower … Read more

How Much Biking Is Too Much? 6 Best Ways To Know

How Much Biking Is Too Much

How Much Biking Is Too Much? Catherine Pulsifer says it best. She says, “In all aspects of our lives, balance is key. Doing one thing too much can cause upset, like the old saying goes, everything in moderation is the secret!”  I feel like we live in a society that keeps pressuring us to continue … Read more

Biking 100 Miles a Week: Is It Enough?

Biking 100 Miles a Week

Biking 100 Miles a Week On your journey to finding fitness, it’s important to set goals for yourself. Goals can give you focus and increase both your motivation and productivity. For those that love biking, many set goals to bike a certain amount each week. For many, that goal is biking 100 miles a week. … Read more

How Much Does A Mountain Bike Cost?

How Much Does A Mountain Bike Cost

How Much Does A Mountain Bike Cost? Whether you are just getting into mountain biking or have been taking advantage of the sport for a while, it may be time to invest in your mountain bike. If you plan to continue this sport long term, you need to know what you can expect out of … Read more

Is It Ok To Ride A Mountain Bike On The Road?

Mountain Bike On The Road

With every type of riding, there’s a bike for that. If you’re riding in the mountains and trails, there’s a mountain bike. When you’re cruising the boardwalks, there are cruisers. If you’re riding on the roads, there are road bikes. They tailor them to the terrains to optimize your ride and experience.  We’ve explored whether … Read more

10 Best Single Speed Bikes For Cruising

Best Single Speed Bikes

We’ve looked at the best road bikes, and we’ve looked at the best mountain bikes. We’ve even weighed the pros and cons of each. But today, we’re going to be diving deeper into a more specific type of bike… The best single speed bikes. Typically used for cruising along flatter roads and commuting, a single … Read more

6 Best Mountain Bikes Under $500

Best Mountain Bikes Under $500

Best Mountain Bikes Under $500 Biking is fun, but mountain biking is even more fun! There are many reasons mountain biking is the best form of biking. You get a better workout, you’re in nature, you’re challenging yourself differently each time you hop on the bike…The list could go on and on. If you’re as … Read more

Mountain Biking vs Road Biking – 10 Reasons MTB is Better

Mountain Biking vs Road Biking

Bikes have been around for ages. They’re great for getting outside and getting some exercise. They’re fun. They’re easy to learn. I could go on. There are two main types of biking that most people are doing these days: mountain biking and road biking. If you’re wondering which is better and what the differences are, … Read more

6 Best Road Bikes Under $500

Best Road Bikes Under 500

Best Road Bikes Under $500 Historically, riding bikes has been a beloved activity for people of all ages. In the past, it was more geared as a fun way of transportation for children to get to school, go to a friend’s house, or simply ride around and have fun. It wasn’t necessarily thought of as … Read more

How Far Is Too Far To Bike To Work?

How Far Is Too Far To Bike To Work

How Far Is Too Far To Bike To Work? In a world where we’re being encouraged to “go green,” it can seem like you are constantly searching for ways to reduce your carbon footprint. A quick Google search will tell you to eat less meat, unplug your devices, eat locally, and drive less. Spending less … Read more