How Much Does A Mountain Bike Cost?

How Much Does A Mountain Bike Cost?

Whether you are just getting into mountain biking or have been taking advantage of the sport for a while, it may be time to invest in your mountain bike. If you plan to continue this sport long term, you need to know what you can expect out of the cost of a mountain bike. As well as what to be looking for in your next purchase. The cost of the bike falls precisely on the type of bike you are looking for and how much you are planning to use the bike.

For a decent entry level hardtail mountain bike, you can expect the range to be anywhere between $500 – $1000. However, a mountain bike with a full suspension can cost you around $3000 up to $5000. There are several price ranges for mountain bikes and what you can expect out of each group.

How Much Should I Spend on my First Mountain Bike?

How Much Does A Mountain Bike Cost

How frequently you plan to use your mountain bike and where you are with the sport can determine how much you want to spend on your first mountain bike. Some bikers have spent little time around mountain biking and want to try the sport out. If you think this is something you will be interested in for the long term, you can consider investing more money into the bike. If you are brand new to the sport and are looking to try it out for the first time, consider a lower price range.

Mountain Bike Price Ranges

You need to keep in mind several mountain bike price ranges when you are looking to make that first purchase. While some of these can seem overwhelming, there are reasons for these prices. It is also important to know what you can expect based on what you are paying for your mountain bike. Not all bikes are made the same or use the same materials.

Under $500

You will find these mountain bikes in the larger warehouse stores and super centers across the country. Compared to most quality bikes, these are much heavier, not as portable, and lack quality. Because they are mass-produced, they often make them with the cheapest and lowest grade parts. Bikers who attempt to use these bikes for long rides find them uncomfortable and not worth the money they thought they were saving.

$500 — $1000 Price Range

If you are genuinely interested in mountain biking and want to get started, this is the range to purchase the first bike. Hardtail bikes that are lightweight and made of quality aluminum fall into this price range, coming with either a 27.5-inch wheel or a 29-inch wheel to fit your preference. For the cost, a hardtail is all you should purchase under $1000. Any full suspension bikes advertised in this range come with low-quality parts and are not worth the investment. You will spend so much on repairs and maintenance if you purchase anything other than a hardtail in this category.

$1000 — $2000 Price Range

If you have been trying out mountain biking for a while and looking for a better quality hardtail, then you can move up between $1000 and $2000. The quality and material improve, giving a longer lifespan to your bike. They design these bikes for long trails which aid you in endurance, allowing you to go as fast or slow as you need.

If you are looking to move to a full-suspension bike, this is not the category. While some are available for this price range, they mimic the mass-produced mountain bikes found under $500. They are much heavier than needed for mountain trails, and the components are cheaply made. After just a few long rides, you will find yourself with broken chains and components throughout the bike.

$2000 — $3000 Price Range

By the time you are considering spending at least $2000 on a quality mountain bike, you have committed to the sport and spent a significant amount of time out on these bikes and these trails. The hardtails in this category are often made of carbon fiber, increasing the bike’s strength without increasing the weight. This makes these bikes easy for traveling on long trips where the terrain may not be passable with a bike. This sense of peace is essential for those who take the trails on their own or head out with a small group and need to carry their weight.

While they are priced on the lower end, some of your beginning full-suspension bikes fall into this range, and they are sorted in the category based upon unique features. They design some bikes for cross-country, rough mountain terrain, trails, and even downhill variations. These full-suspension bikes will often be aluminum, and the weight will decrease, and the prices will increase.

$3000 — $5000 Price Range

Mountain biking all day means that you need a quality frame to support your spine and assist you with meeting all of your fitness goals. Therefore, the investment in $3000 to $5000 is something that serious bikers who ride frequently consider.

In this price range, you have advanced from a beginning biker to a more advanced biker, looking to take on a specific niche in your riding. Whether it be the mountainous terrain in the Rockies or a more cross-country long-term trip where you ride over various land types to meet your fitness and journey goals. Carbon fiber is ideal for those bikes that travel at some of the steepest inclines with experienced bikers. These full-suspension bikes are more efficient than their aluminum counterparts in lower price ranges.

$5000+ Price Range

In this price range is the cream of the crop mountain bikes, if you will. These bikes are not meant only for durability but also for speed in races. Many mountain bikers take the sport to the competition level, so only the best bikes suffice to meet personal goals and competitive ones. These bikes come with either carbon fiber or titanium frames, but their durability to stand up to the most demanding trails and terrains makes them worth every penny spent. These bikes come with full suspension and some with chunkier frames than others to maintain the beating that they will take while out on the trail.

Why Do Mountain Bikes Cost So Much?

How Much Does A Mountain Bike Cost

While these prices may seem steep for a bike you are considering, there is a reason these bikes cost so much and what you can expect after you purchase your bike. The quality of a mountain bike means everything to someone who loves the sport and may even plan to compete. When you are out on the trails, whether they be extreme incline, trails that vary up and down, or cross-country where you hit both high and low areas, you need a bike that can withstand the ride and the terrain.

Quality Bike Frame

To get the best mountain bike for your budget, the frame of the bike and the materials used are critical. The more durable and lightweight the structure is, the more the bike will cost. Cheaper bikes start with cheaper metals that are durable, but the better bikes will migrate to aluminum or carbon fiber, which is the best for your bike frame.

Small Parts and Components

The screws and components that go onto your bike also need to be durable. If you purchase a cheaper mountain bike from a mass-produced store, you will always have cheap components that cannot hold up when it counts. If you attempt to take these cheaper mountain bikes on long rides and trails, you will probably spend a lot of that time trying to repair it or even having to carry the bike back because you won’t be able to repair it.


Please don’t forget about wheel quality on your bike when you make a purchase. These wheels touch all the dirt, mud, sand, and rock you encounter on the trail, so they need to maintain the beating they will take. The terrain can change quickly and even throw in some inclines that cause pressure on your wheels.

Best Time of Year To Buy A Mountain Bike?

Now that you know you need a new mountain bike, whether it is your first one or an upgrade, keep in mind that there are better times to purchase your bike than others. Like cars and other vehicles, Fall encourages discounted prices by sellers so that they can clear out older models and make room for the new ones. If you are looking to upgrade a bike that will be in one of the latter price ranges, this is a strategy to help you get the best bike available at the most affordable cost.

Best Place To Buy A Mountain Bike?

How Much Does A Mountain Bike Cost

There are plenty of options for the best place to buy your bike. You can visit your local bike shop where they can show you different bike models and answer your questions. 

Another option is to search for the right bike at online retailers. A few examples of these are TrekREI and Competitive Cyclist. The nice thing about this versus going to a bike shop is that you can do your research and shop around without leaving your home.

A third option is to look for a gently used bike via online marketplaces. You can sometimes save a good bit of money going this route, if you know what you are looking for. Examples of these are Facebook marketplace, Craigslist and online biking forums. 


When trying to answer the question “How Much Does a Mountain Bike Cost?”, you quickly realize it is not a simple answer. Mountain bikes can come with different suspensions and components (hardtail vs full suspension is just one example). Mountain bike costs can range from a few hundred dollars up to multiple thousands of dollars. It is a pretty big price range. But, you should be able to find a decent entry level hardtail somewhere in the $500 to $1000 price range. That will get you a decent quality bike that you can use to enjoy the sport!

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