13 Fitness Center Advertising Ideas (Online and Offline)

Fitness Center Advertising Ideas

Fitness Center Advertising Ideas The fitness industry seems like it’s stronger than ever before, and it’s only going to continue growing! If you own a fitness center or are considering starting one, advertising is a great way to get more clients in your door! In today’s day and age, advertising online is incredibly important. With … Read more

Mindbody vs Zenplanner – We Compare 2 Business Software Suites

Mindbody vs Zenplanner

Mindbody vs Zenplanner There are so many fitness studio software packages on the market these days. If you’re going to have a business in the fitness industry, whether that’s a yoga studio, gym, or any other type of fitness studio, these kinds of softwares are essential these days.  Related: Mindbody Review, Mindbody vs Vagaro, 7 … Read more

15 Of The Best Fitness Studio Software Options

Best Fitness Studio Software

Best Fitness Studio Software Small businesses are on the rise. Whether you want to credit this to a suffering global economy, job loss, or just more time to pursue passions, this past year was a huge year for small business owners. In fact, 58% of business owners started a business during that year.  On top … Read more

7 Features of the Best Fitness Business Software

Best Fitness Business Software

This year, health and fitness were in the top 5  of all small business industries. While it has always had a presence, more and more people are establishing their own fitness business, whether it’s a yoga studio, a traditional gym, or anything in between. If you’re one of the many people who are contemplating starting … Read more

Mindbody vs Vagaro – Which Is Better?

Mindbody vs Vagaro

Mindbody vs Vagaro If you are considering starting your own health or fitness business, you can’t rely on word of mouth alone. Consumers today want to find your business easily, learn all about it, and book appointments directly. Ideally, they want to do this from the comfort of their mobile phones. Related: Mindbody Review Whether … Read more

How To Become A Yoga Instructor In 5 Easy Steps

Yoga Instructor

Winston Churchill said it best… “If you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” It’s so true. Unfortunately, this is not the reality for a great number of us. For a variety of reasons, people routinely end up in jobs that they’re not passionate about, and it’s sad. Think … Read more

Mindbody Review For Fitness Businesses

Mindbody Review

Mindbody Review In the past, we’ve discussed the different ways you can become a certified personal trainer, but what if you want to take things to a completely different level? Maybe you are considering opening up your own gym or fitness club? Whether you have your own studio or club already or you are considering … Read more

5 Ways To Become a Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer The fitness industry is booming and more and more people are learning the value that exercise and fitness adds to your life through improved mental and physical health as well as your overall well-being. Because of this, many people are becoming passionate about fitness and wanting to make it their career through … Read more