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How to Swim with Paddles

How To Swim With Paddles

If you’re new to swimming as a workout or you’re looking to change up your swimming routine, there are all kinds of different training aids to spice things up and target different areas. From  fins to kickboards, these tools have different practical purposes in improving your form, speed, and strength in the pool. The same … Read more

35 Swimming Puns & Funny Jokes

Swimming Puns

Whether you’re a beginning swimmer, a competitive swimmer, or simply someone who likes to hang out by the pool in the summer, there are ample opportunities to weave in some amazing swimming puns into your conversations and social media posts.  Puns are the ultimate icebreakers. They’re silly. They’re fun, and they get people laughing even … Read more

How to Use Fins For Swimming Laps

How To Use Fins

How To Use Fins When people picture someone swimming with fins, their minds typically think about someone in a wetsuit, getting ready to scuba dive or go snorkeling. They’re heading into the water from the beach or flipping into the water out of a boat. But, in reality, swimmers use fins in all sorts of … Read more

8 Best Upright Exercise Bikes of 2023

Best Upright Exercise Bikes

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4 Best Exercise Machines for Lower Back Pain

Best Exercise Machines for Lower Back Pain

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7 Best Ellipticals Under $1000 for 2023

Best Elliptical Under 1000

Since their first appearance in the late 1990s, ellipticals have taken the fitness world by storm as a wonderful, lower impact, indoor cardio alternative. Since then, they’ve become a very popular piece of workout equipment that many add to their home gyms.  If you’re considering investing in an elliptical, then you’ve come to the right … Read more

9 Swim Workouts For Beginners

Swim Workouts For Beginners

Swim Workouts For Beginners If you’re like me, you know the amazing health benefits of swimming on your body, but you just haven’t dedicated yourself to incorporating it into your workout routine. For me, swimming was something I did as a child to escape the midday heat of the summer. I played “Marco Polo” with … Read more

25 Best Yoga Websites & Blogs

Yoga Websites

Best Yoga Websites & Yoga Blogs Whether you want to start your yoga journey, you are already an avid yogi, or you’re even contemplating making it your career, there are so many places online to get information. It seems like new websites and blogs are popping up every minute! It can feel almost impossible to … Read more