4 Steps To Explosive Medicine Ball Squat Throws

Where are all my leg day lovers? If you raised your hand (mentally, of course) then I’ve got just the exercise for you: medicine ball squat throws. Yes, they are just as intense as they sound. But man, do they work! And while this powerhouse move really works those glutes, you’ll be feeling it in your upper body and core too.

Because medicine ball squat throws are a full body exercise, they are the perfect addition to a workout regimen. Especially if you want to get the most out of each rep. I mean, who doesn’t love to work their core, upper body and lower body at once? I’m not sure how your train of thought works, but to me that sounds like a great way to get an effective workout!

How To Do Medicine Ball Squat Throws

Of course, we do all things best when we do them in steps – medicine ball squat throws included. Before diving in head first, or should I say squat first, there are a few steps you can follow to ensure proper form and the most effective reps.

Step One

To do a medicine ball squat throw you will need to stand with your feet hip width apart. You should hold the medicine ball in front of your chest and the knees should have a slight bend in them.

Step Two

Sit back in a squat position, making sure that your thighs are parallel with the ground and knees don’t pass your toes.

Step Three

Explosively rise out of the squat position and push the medicine ball overhead so that the ball leaves your hands.

Step Four

Catch the ball and drop back down into squat position, then repeat the movement.

Benefits of Medicine Ball Squat Throws

Medicine Ball Squat Throws
Of course you want to know the benefits of an exercise before you perform it. What’s the point in doing something if it doesn’t help you meet the goals you have set? Here are some major benefits of medicine ball squat throws:

Builds Body Strength

Medicine ball squat throws work your muscles, which causes them to grow stronger. Powerful muscles equal less risk of injury and an improvement in your self-confidence. Not to mention it’ll help you get a great bum!

Improves Balance

Besides building body strength, medicine ball squat throws improve your balance, control and stability! Not to mention it helps with your hand-eye coordination!

Better Heart Health

While medicine ball squat throws help you build muscles, they also help your heart and cardiovascular health.

Helps Reach Fitness Goals

We all have that goal body in mind. It’s the reason we get up and grind each day! Doing medicine ball squat throws will help you achieve that goal and lean out those muscles.

What Muscles Get Worked?

Medicine Ball Squat Throws
In full-body exercises, medicine ball squat throws are the holy grail. This intense exercise works the glutes, calves, quads, shoulders, core, biceps, triceps and back. It is a KILLER full-body movement that you’ll be glad you did. It just may take a few days!

Exercises Similar to Medicine Ball Squat Throws

Not everyone has a medicine ball, which means not everyone can do medicine ball squat throws. In addition, some of us have injuries that could prevent us from being able to perform this exercise. If you’re in either of these groups of people, don’t count yourself out just yet! There are some exercises you can still do like:

  • Squats
  • Squats with overhead press
  • Medicine ball squats with a press (no throw)
  • Medicine ball rolling push-ups
  • Shoulder press with medicine ball or dumbbell

Working Them into Your Workout

Medicine Ball Squat Throws
You’re officially on board team medicine ball squat throws. So, now what? Medicine ball squat throws alone are an amazing leg exercise. You can add them into your leg day workout regimen. Or you can always do a medicine ball workout day! Here’s an example full-body workout you can try that uses nothing but a medicine ball:

What Size Medicine Ball?

In the world of medicine balls, there is no one size fits all. The right size medicine ball for you is probably going to differ from the right size for me. As soon as you start your search, you’ll notice medicine balls come in various sizes, shapes and colors. There are also small medicine balls, medium medicine balls and large medicine balls. Each medicine ball is better geared towards certain exercises. Personally, I prefer the small medicine ball that is 6 pounds.

MedicineBall.com’s website states the following in regards to choosing a medicine ball: “According to the American Council of Exercise (ACE), a good starting weight for medicine ball training is between 4 to 15 pounds. We also believe that 4, 6 and 8-pound medicine balls are great for beginners and experts alike. Whichever medicine ball weight you choose, remember that you can always start small and work your way up to the heavier weights. Keep in mind that your med ball should be heavy enough to slow your movement, not hinder it.”

Are Medicine Ball Squat Throws Strength or Cardio?

Medicine Ball Squat Throws
Medicine ball squat throws are a killer combination of strength and cardio! You are using a weighted ball to build your upper and lower body muscles while simultaneously raising the heart rate. Raising the heart rate means you’re burning calories and leaning out those muscles. So, if you enjoy a good mixture of strength and cardio then medicine ball squat throws have your name all over them!


Medicine ball squat throws are an awesome full-body exercise.  They work not only the legs but also your shoulders, core, biceps, triceps and back.  They have many benefits which include strength building, improving balance, increases cardiovascular health and over fitness endurance.  Med ball squat throws are a combination of both cardio and strength training.

If you aren’t able to do med ball squat throws because of an injury, there are plenty of substitution exercises.  Some of those include squats, squats with an overhead press, medicine ball rolling push-ups, shoulder press with a med ball or dumbbell.  When starting out, use medicine balls in the 4 to 8 lb range.  This will keep you from injuring yourself.  As you progress and become stronger, you can move up to heavier med balls. Enjoy!

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