Pushups In the Morning: 4 Huge Benefits

If you are an early riser or someone who likes to start their day targeting the upper body, pushups in the morning might be the right thing for you.

Whether you are incorporating them into a morning routine, or just want to use this exercise as the way to start, pushups are something that many use as their go-to in the morning.

Keep reading for the benefits of choosing to do pushups in the morning and how this early activity can jump start your day.

Benefits of Pushups In the Morning

Pushups In the Morning

Because you have made pushups in the morning a part of your daily routine, there are several physical benefits that you will experience shortly after starting this routine. 

Boosts Upper-Body Strength

Because you use most of your upper body to do pushups, those repetitions that target your back, arms, chest, and shoulders will increase your endurance and overall strength.

As your strength increases, so will your overall muscle definition in this area. 

Improves Your Core Strength

While it appears to only target the upper body, when you take on pushups in the morning, you are increasing the strength in your core as well.

You need the strength in your core to hold you up so that you can do multiple reps of this exercise daily.

Over time, you will find yourself more stable and able to do harder versions of a pushup because you have improved your overall core strength. 

Jumpstarts Your Metabolism and Calorie Burn Rate

When you do pushups in the morning every day, you will see an increase in your metabolism.

Getting your heart rate up first thing in the morning is good for your metabolism and encourages your body to burn calories at a faster rate than it would normally.

As you continue to do your pushups in the morning, you notice you will work faster during your reps, burning more calories, and maybe even see a change in your appetite. 

Boosts Your Confidence

As you continue to keep your rhythm of early morning pushups, you will feel better overall because your health is better.

When you feel better, you will also be more confident in all areas of your life, which is a benefit no matter what fitness level you are when you start pushups in the morning.  

Benefits of Pushups Every Day

Pushups In the Morning

There is a reason that pushups are a classic exercise.

Because of their ability to work a variety of muscles in one motion, doing pushups every day offers several benefits to your body. 

  • Decrease the need for multiple exercises, since a pushup works several muscle groups. 
  • Quick and efficient exercise for when you are short on time. 
  • Strengthens your bones and joints. 
  • Improved strength from pushups helps with your everyday activities. 

When you take advantage of the early morning hours to get your pushups in, you are more likely to continue this trend, which will benefit your body and health.

Should You Do Pushups Before or After Breakfast?

Pushups In the Morning

Now that you know how good doing pushups in the morning is for your body, the next question is related to when exactly is the right time.

Some of us spend some time waking up, while others hop right out of bed.

Before breakfast when you are sliding out of bed, or after you have had your morning meal? 

Doing Pushups Before Breakfast

If you are an early riser and like to get your day started before you sit down with your breakfast, do your pushups before you eat.

This is critical for those who are on a small window of time and need to get it done and out of the way so that they can move forward with their day. 

Doing Pushups After Breakfast

If you are a fitness junkie who enjoys sleeping in, you may find that doing pushups after breakfast is right for you.

Unlike the early risers, you will need to wait a few minutes after having breakfast to start your workout, just so you do not get sick or cause any unwanted cramping in your muscles.

Those who gain a lot of energy after eating breakfast are often the best candidates for doing pushups in the morning after breakfast. 

Any Major Difference in Doing Pushups Before or After Breakfast?

In terms of fitness and how your muscles are affected during the process, there are no actual differences in doing pushups before or after breakfast.

When you decide to do them is about you and your personal routine. Whichever works for you and makes you the most productive is the right option.

When you choose to do your pushups in the morning is psychological and is not the same for everyone. 

How Many Pushups To Do in the Morning?

Pushups In the Morning

Knowing how many pushups to do in the morning is based completely on your current fitness level. 

Beginner Reps

If you have been doing mild exercise and are adding pushups to your daily routine, you will want to start with a low number of repetitions.

Start with 5-10 max in each set. Do not do over 3 sets. This could shock your body and cause you to backslide on your goals. 

Moderate Level

Once you have been doing pushups in the morning for a few weeks, you can increase your reps and sets to match the strength and endurance that you have built.

You can move to 15-20 max reps in each set, possibly adding a 4th set to your morning routine, depending on how you feel.  

Pushup Jedi Master

You are a master at this exercise and pushups in the morning are just a portion of your overall workout.

If you need an advanced plan to meet your strength and fitness goals, then you can increase your reps to 25-30, increasing 5 additional reps each week.

Also, make sure you are doing at least 3-4 solid sets.

The amount of reps and sets you do with your pushups in the morning is totally up to you, and should only change when you become stronger and can increase the number of repetitions.

Make sure you make this transition at the right time, so that you do not hurt yourself by trying to do too much, too quick. 

How Many Pushups Can Chuck Norris Do?

Pushups In the Morning

If you want to set a super high fitness goal and take on the Master, then you need to know how many pushups Chuck Norris can do (btw – he can do ALL OF THEM).

Your goal is to keep pushing, just like Chuck Norris did, and know that you can do just as many pushups in the morning as you would like.

Give yourself a few years and you may be able to do just as many pushups as Chuck Norris does each morning before breakfast!

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