EZ Curl Bar Weight, Benefits and Exercises

Wanting to strengthen your biceps and triceps with a bar that is easy on your shoulders and wrists? Then you should try using an EZ curl bar. If you’ve ever seen an EZ bar, you may wonder why it is bent the way it is? Why is it shorter than a standard barbell? And what about the EZ curl bar weight?  

What is an EZ Curl Bar?

EZ Curl Bar Weight

The EZ Curl Bar is a bar that has various angles (think zig-zag). This enables you to work your biceps, triceps, and chest regularly without adding unwanted stress to your joints. 

Different EZ Curl Bars and Weights

There are several EZ curl bars out there. We will talk about three of them in this article.  

Olympic EZ Curl Bar Weight

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An Olympic EZ Curl bar weight is around 18-25 lbs. Unlike standard curl bars, Olympic curl bars are 2 inches thick on the ends to accept Olympic size plates. The 2 inch sleeve at each end rotates on the bar shaft, which helps to reduce stress on your wrists and forearms. An Olympic EZ curl bar is usually 47-48 inches long. The hand grips on this bar are checkered, which helps with gripping it. Serious lifters use these bars and are very common in gyms. 

Standard EZ Curl Bar Weight

CAP Barbell Standard EZ Curl Bar, 1-Inch, Chrome

You can expect a standard EZ curl bar to weigh between 11-13 lbs. Standard EZ curl bars are 1 inch in diameter the length of the bar and around 47 inches long. The sleeves at each end do not rotate like on the Olympic bar. Beginners in home gyms mostly use this curl bar. This bar is super easy to use whether you plan to curl standing, or using a preacher bench for your curls.

Super EZ Curl Bar Weight

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A Super EZ curl bar is similar to a normal ez curl bar in that the bar angles at the handgrips. It is also similar to an Olympic EZ curl bar in that they weigh between 18-25 pounds.  But what is different is that the Super EZ curl bar angles in even more which is a little better for isolating the biceps.  With a Super EZ bar you can use a parallel grip (unlike an ez curl bar) to do hammer curls and skull crushers. A lot of people like it because the extra angle in the super ez curl bar feels more comfortable.  

EZ Curl Bar Benefits

EZ Curl bars offer a few benefits to know about when working out. These benefits are why people of all lifting experiences and fitness levels use EZ bars. 

Ergonomic Grip

The biggest benefit that you can get from the EZ Curl bar is the ergonomic grip that it has when you are lifting. It has angles that help to avoid external rotation of the shoulders when compared to curling a straight-bar. Less external rotation equals less stress and less pain.   

Isolates Muscles

When compared to other bars and dumbbells, the EZ curl bar isolates and activates muscles more. That means you will get more muscle activation and therefore growth when using an EZ bar. 

Better Balance

Most standard size Olympic barbells are long. It can be hard balancing them with plates on each end while performing curls. In contrast, most EZ curl bars are 4-5 feet in length, which places the weight closer to your body’s center of gravity. This allows you to focus on lifting and muscle growth – instead of balancing.    

EZ Curl Bar Exercises

You can target several muscle groups with EZ curl bar exercises. The below exercises will help guide your workouts so that you are hitting your target areas, making sure you’re getting the most out of your EZ curl bar. 

EZ Curl Bar Exercises Biceps

EZ Curl Bar Weight

In order to maximize your biceps, you can do a standard bicep curl to get the desired pump. Whether you are using the EZ curl bar weight in a standing position or preacher bench, curl with your feet spread evenly and your shoulders back. If you are standing, you want to bring the bar up from your hips and curl into your chest without swinging your upper body. You want your knees to have a slight bend, but not so far that you are in a squatted position. Having your back against a wall while doing a standing curl will help to isolate your biceps and keep you from moving your upper body.  

EZ Curl Bar Weight

If you are using a preacher bench, you need to have your chest up against the pad with your armpits resting at the top. With your palms facing up, lower the curl bar until you have fully extended your forearms. Then, “curl” the EZ bar back upward, while the preacher bench isolates and targets your biceps. You likely cannot curl as much weight on a preacher curl bench as you can do with a standing curl. 

EZ Curl Bar Exercises Triceps

EZ Curl Bar Weight

The best exercise you can do for your triceps with your EZ curl bar weight is the lying bench triceps extension (also known as nose-breakers or skull-crushers). During this exercise, you will lie on a flat bench and put the EZ curl bar on your thighs. Lift the bar and then bend your elbows back, lowering the bar so that it almost touches your nose. Then straighten your elbows so your arms are extended straight which will target the triceps.  

EZ Curl Bar Exercise Chest

For your chest, there are a couple of options you have to build up your endurance with the EZ curl bar. The wide overhand grip bench press is good for opening up the chest when you lift the bar and bringing it back down with each repetition. 

For those who are targeting the triceps and the chest in one motion, the close grip bench press might be an ideal option when working with an EZ curl bar. By performing bench presses in the close grip position, you will hit both the triceps and your pecs.

EZ Curl Bar Weight Set

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